Let It Go

El Gato Del Rio is North Dakota's finest export.  Keep up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and listen on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and everywhere else absurd music is streamed and sold.

Old Black Crow

El Gato Del Rio is a fully independent troupe of musical dipsomaniacs from the frozen Great Plains.  The Gatos write, record, mix, master, produce, film, edit, and promote out of their humble dungeon in Stark County, North Dakota.  Old Black Crow is the latest single off of their third record, Another Let Down.  It is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and everywhere else music is sold or streamed.

Another Let Down

 Another Let Down is the title track from the third album by El Gato Del Rio. 

Grind Up These Bones

El Gato Del Rio is a songwriting group from the plains of Stark County, North Dakota.    This is a song from their third album, Another Let Down.


 El Gato Del Rio presents "Alibi", the latest single off of their album, Another Let Down. 

Cocaine, Whiskey and You

We are El Gato Del Rio, a quartet of vagrant dipsomaniacs from North Dakota's Great Plains.  This song is from our second album, Below the Willows, and is available anywhere music is sold or streamed.

Copper Mine

 We are El Gato Del Rio.  We make things.  Music and movies, fire and fiction.  Everything we do is fully independent, crafted alone by us on the frozen Great Plains in Stark County, North Dakota. 

Down in Mexico

 From the album "Below the Willows", El Gato Del Rio presents to you a cover of the Coasters classic.  

Honest Living

 El Gato Del Rio presents "Honest Living", the first single from the album "Below the Willows".  


El Gato Del Rio presents Dethroned.

Music Box Album Promo

El Gato Del Rio's debut album released on February 10, 2017