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"Another Let Down"

Released 12.15.2018

The newest album, 'Another Let Down'. An evolution into greed, lust, sorrow and murder. Sure to keep your ears attentive. Dark blood red Americana bound in leather.


"Below the Willows"

Released 2.10.2018

Our second album, "Below the Willows". It is available right now everywhere music is sold and streamed online!

We so appreciate the support that we have received from around the world. From Ireland to Mexico, through Belgium to Taiwan. We've been fortunate to spread this thing to some unlikely corners of the globe. We really hope that you enjoy what you hear, as it is our massive pleasure to continue to create whatever this thing is.

And a first for El Gato, this album is additionally available on vinyl.


"The Music Box"

Released 2.10.2017

Their first album, “the music box”, was released in early 2017 and includes their first thirteen recordings. These songs are all stories, some true and some imagined. El Gato Del Rio is not bound by any singular musical genre, style, or direction. anything can happen here.